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What do we do?

Excellence goes with ExcelMDs

ExcelMDs is state of the art software that improves the efficiency of running chronic care management (CCM) services.

ExcelMDs works not only on web browsers but mobile devices to ensure mobility of the workforce, as well as providing offline sync capability for people on the go. 

The software offers basic functionality such as 

  • Capturing patient information

  • Recording patient medication

  • Scheduling monthly appointments

  • Automated billing 

  • Call history + notes


We help people to help themselves!

Our role is to support people by educating them and motivating them to manage their well being through making healthier lifestyle choices. We call your eligible Medicare patients who have two or more chronic conditions, once a month, and educate them on how to manage those conditions.


We develop a personal care plan in unison with the patient and move towards a healthier future.


Medicare is billed for the service under the appropriate code and we share the revenue with the Primary Care Practices.


We tailor our services to your individual needs; we offer comprehensive and collaborative services as well as the option of leasing our software.


We use the latest technologies to collect vital patient data, state- of-the-art software, and up to date research to deliver a truly dynamic service.


Our Work in Action


“We go over medication and nutrition. I find it very pleasant to talk to Maribel and I think it is a great program because it improves the communication between patients and the Doctors Practice.”

                                - R. McCarty

Calls with Maribel are always respectful, informative and pleasant. I find this service valuable whether its information I’m already aware of or something new. The calls help build a more collaborative patient/provider relationship.

-S. Davies

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