Christina Harper

 Director of RPM 

Christina is the Director of RPM services. In that she monitors patients blood pressure and does readings for blood glucose. She checks up on the people she cares for by making sure to call them at least once a month on their health conditions and their well-being. 

Christina is motivated by the love she has for the people she looks after in the clinic. To her, her patients are one of the most important things to her and taking care of them is something that drives her in the work. It motivates her to pursue success at every turn and move forward in her professional career.

Maricar Gagucas


Maricar is the manager of WellConnectMDs and her job is to manage the team and make sure it is successful. Her job duties are mainly to account for the billing and sales of WellConnectMDs. Which include reaching out to potential clients to engage in business opportunities and leading the overall day to day functions of this company.
One thing that motivates her is the idea of success. 

“Success is what motivates me. What keeps me going is knowing the fact that my hard work and perseverance will help me grow and achieve professional success. What encourages me to work even harder is knowing that my efforts are following the correct path. It motivates me to see our company grow which ultimately leads to my personal achievement and my success. There might be challenges or even failure but it does not demotivate me anyhow. On the other hand, it motivates me to perform even more. What keeps the fire going within me is the taste of success after a failure because I believe failure is part of success.”

Maribel Ramirez

Director of Operations

"This is my dream job because I get to help people, and build long lasting relationships with them. Making people feel valued and cared for is a reward in itself. People know that they can count on me to address their health needs and to be a good listener."

Maribel is an experienced MA with excellent leadership skills and with a passion for learning. She is experienced in the area of customer service and management., and her personality stands out into her bubbly nature and enthusiasm for everything she does. Maribel looks forward to every call and gets genuine satisfaction when the patients also look forward to receiving the calls. 

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