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Well being starts with Well Connect MDs

Our Team

We build relationships! We get to know our patients. Our focus is on developing long term, trusting relationships, between staff and patients. After all, who wants a stranger calling them every month to discuss their personal health issues?


We know the software is nothing without the dedicated staff using it. We hand pick our staff based on their knowledge and skills but also on their genuine compassion and enthusiasm to help people to become healthier.

Our Software

Every aspect of our software is user-friendly. We already have generic care plans in place for each chronic condition so Mrs. Smith gets exactly the same advice, consistent education and quality service as Mrs. Brown, even though their individual care plans will be completely different.


We ask consistent questions, as well as giving lots of good advice! This means we can achieve continuity of care, assess people's needs properly and customize their care plans accordingly.

Our Service

We understand that healthcare is evolving and must address the need for people to modify their lifestyles for the benefits of their health. We support people 24/7 so they can call us with their concerns, anytime.


We engage with our patients throughout the month and not just once a month for a phone call. Our company is passionate about giving people the practical tools to enable them to make those changes at a pace that is manageable for them.


Our greatest desire is for patients to feel better and experience the genuine joy that comes from meeting their healthcare goals.

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